Our Story  

We automate your business processes

For more than 4 years from its inception, Skyzon has been the steadily on the rise in providing Eservice Automation and collaboration management software applications for key sectors ranging over Governments, Education, financial services, logistics and hospitability

Skyzon provides a robust Eservice Suite that increases efficiency, customer engagement and transparency which enables the governments and corporates to deliver effective Eservice automation.

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Why Skyzon?  

Ready E-Government Suite

Using our e-Government platform suite, the government agencies can deliver a superior customer experience and can fulfill key aspect of their mission and will have fast rollout our automation.

Our platform software provides government customers with the information that is required at the right time and right place

Subject Matter Expert IN Eservice Automation AND E-Permitting/Licensing

Our consultants have the in depth of knowledge Eservice automation experience and have know-how of transform, configure and implement best solutions for Eservice Automation

Customer experiences for government agencies

We have the ability to work and interact effectively and efficiently with government agencies staff and corporates


To innovate continuously and be the global company that provides world-class technology solutions.

To be a world leader in eServices and digital transformation of businesses across verticals.

Our Values  

Ensuring customer success

Our success relies on long term customer relationships. We treat customer with empathy and would create a happy customers by delivering great user experience

Do it

Define clear objectives, and then communicate them and stay focused. Streamline decision making and empower people. Seek alignment and help your colleagues reach their objectives. We are all in this together

Impact others- history is important

Be courageous and take a firm stand. Do things that matter. Be the person that everyone wants on their team. Set the bar high for yourself, and expect meaningful contributions from your colleagues.

Stay Lean

Do more with less. Be creative. Rethink, reuse and repurpose. Test... then invest. Be accountable to results. Be agile. But think ahead... don't be penny wise, pound foolish.


No borders, customer shall have same experience from any Skyzonians. Looks to converging rather for diverging