e-Service Automation 

Governments the world over are moving towards a paperless work culture. The push for this digital transformation is both environmental and need for productivity. Skyzon Automation Suite is a step forward towards paperless and efficient services.

Our Automation Suite’s Business Process Management (BPM), eService Portal, Rules Engine and Smart Attachments and drawings technologies offer a robust and scalable automation framework. It provides government agencies with flexibility to automate document-intensive processes, and develop a highly agile operational infrastructure, leading to efficient, transparent and good governance.

Core Capabilities 

1. Process Design

Enable real-time collaboration between business and IT users to design intelligent business processes. Allow testing of process models prior to their deployment using historical data and what-if analysis.

2. Process Execution

A powerful workflow engine lies at the core of System, orchestrating structured and ad-hoc processes. Assign process execution priorities, allow dynamic changes to processes and manage in-flight changes.

3. Business Rules

The Business Rules is fully configurable to adhere to the policies governing various processes in an enterprise. It renders agility and control to users, empowering them to take charge of processes and introduce changes in real-time.

4. E-Form configuration

The flexible e-service configuration and steps configuration generates many types of e-forms. Easily customizable as per the customer needs to cater any complex business scenarios.

5. Handle Complex events and processes

6. Reporting/Analytics

E-Services framework caters for below government domains

Correspondence Management

Committee & Meeting Management

Grants Management

Audit & Inspection

Complaints & Grievance

Case Management