Land Management

EService Suite land management solution automates and integrates all key elements of land administration. It covers the planning, permitting and inspection e-services and complete automation of related processes.

Benefits :


Zero Customer Visit

It can be reality as EService Suite automates end-to-end business process and allow customer to exchange information via system. Save the time to drive to the government office and wait in the long queue.

Fast and efficient processing of customer request

EService Suite land management solution assists customer and staff to apply and process requests faster and save time.

Built to mould as per customer needs

Our solution is designed to suit the requirements of every organization, customer and staff. Each and every function/feature can be configured or modified with easy to use functionality.

Highly scalable enterprise solution

Robustness and highly flexible design of the system allows it to be highly scalable and can give high performance with high volume and peak load.

Improve employee productivity

EService Suite automates common tasks which improves staff productivity. It provide desktop like rich interface which saves time by removing time consuming page refreshes and show any changes instantly.

Case and License Management

What is a case ?

It’s a single view into all data, files, tasks, actions, collaborations, and history involving specific investigation, incident, service request, or process.

How can you address typical case management challenges?


1. Unify

Connect dynamic processes and data into a current, complete, and accurate view.

2. Get context

Clarity on individual pieces of data and content to inform the right decisions.

3. Take advantage of real-time case analytics

Track progress towards established business goals.

4. Collaboration

Enable caseworkers to uncover hidden information.

EService Suite’s comprehensive feature-set makes it the best case management software for the government especially municipal corporation.

Maybe your organization is struggling with a clunky, out-of-date system that’s hard to use.

Maybe you’re still using paper, Excel spreadsheets, and sticky notes.

Or maybe a combination of all of the above

If so, EService Suite is the case management software solution you’ve been looking for

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Business Process Management

Provide process and rules modeling that enforce case rules and policies.

Unified Case Files

Provide a single view into all data, files, tasks, actions, collaborations, and history involving specific investigations, incidents, service requests, or processes.


Enable case-related exchanges of professional opinions and quick conclusions as a group.

Ad-hoc Activities

Allow caseworkers to create, assign, and complete work items, without predefined sequences of events.

Audit trails

Provide history of all case-related content, process events, and collaborations.