Skyzon ePermit

Skyzon ePermit is a Sophisticated and comprehensive enterprise module that unifies the distributed government business processes related to building permits in one place by providing seamless collaboration and unification of permitting process. It automates the process of building permitting from plan review till completion.

As a breakaway from traditional back-end complex interface and separate front-end portal, ePermit treat all the users same as customers and provides easy to use and unified web interface and experience that improves the user satisfaction and the self guiding features of the platform brings new user quickly on board.

What can Skyzon e-Permit Suite do for you?

Ease of Configuration

Build to serve the government and their customers in a simplified manner


Configuring and managing business processes has never been so easy

Intuitive User Experience

User friendly, self guided e-services platform that delivers best user experience

Future Ready

Expedites the permitting process with end to end automation and seamless collaboration

Simplification of processes

Changes are part of a growing city, we understand this and eService Suite has been built to cater ever changing needs


Zero Customer Visit

It can be reality as ePermit automates end-to-end business process and allow customer to exchange information via system
Save the time to drive to the government office and wait in the long queue

Improve employee productivity

ePermit automates common tasks which improves staff productivity

It provide desktop like rich interface which saves time by removing time consuming page refreshes and show any changes instantly

Fast and efficient processing of customer request

ePermit assists customer and staff to apply and process requests faster and save time

24 X 7 office

Provide convenient submission and management of applications online 24 X 7

Built to mould as per customer needs

ePermit is designed to suit the requirements of every organization, customer and staff.

Highly scalable enterprise system

Robustness and highly flexible design of the system allows it to be highly scalable and can give high performance with high volume and peak load.

Functional Features

BPM based configuration

Provides flexible and easy to configure workflow and rules engine that make any process implementation easy and fast. The graphical workflow engine gives visibility of the process and makes its very user friendly.

E-Services Portal

E-Service portal is single window module which allows user to apply for permits and track the requests by a guided user interface. Module has detailed level of access rights and privileges on modules and screens which reduce the customizations and gives full control over what user can see.

E-Service rules engine

EService Suite is built keeping in mind the ever changing needs and complex business rules of the organizations. The E-Service rules engineer will allow to define e-service without needing much of customizations on the system.

Define New Permitting or Ad-Hoc E-Services

Defining new Ad-Hoc E-Services is a reality now with combination of available data and defining new dynamic data.

E-Service forms and steps Designer

E-Services designer allows defining the e-service form and placing the components in the form. Also e-Service form has user entry steps which are highly customizable and can be changes based on the type of user.

Smart Attachments and drawings module

Drawings and documents are integral part of any permitting process. Our smart attachment and drawings module integrates seamlessly with E-Service and allows organizing the files in proper disciplines and associates data to the files and hence making it smart.

Responsive and modern Upload/Download Manager

In the new modern era of web applications, we have made the upload and download of files possible from any device and browser. With just drag and drop the files will be uploaded with high speed.

e-Permit Suite Design Review

Web based design review module allows to review the drawings from within the permit request. It give many options for the user like add annotation/remarks, add markups, zoom in/out, compare previous versions and many more.

Dynamic Checklist

Checklist is pluggable component which can be attached to any e-service and also has multiple ways to display. Also checklist’s multiple operators option makes checklist more intuitive meaningful.

GIS Enabled

GIS Esri map can be viewed from within the system and has ability for two way data interchange. Permits and buildings can be located on the map easily.

Invoicing and Online Payment

Ability to link with most of payment gateways allows customer to pay online using EService Suite ePay module. The invoices can be generated and pushed to your accounting/financial system.

Online Appointments

Comprehensive appointment module allows configuring multiple appointments and provisions to book/cancel/delegate appointments online.

Video Conference

ePermit Video conference module in collaboration with appointment makes a comprehensive solution to book and conduct appointment. The video conference allows customers to interact with staff along with sharing the documents and notes.


A comprehensive and configurable dashboard provides data intelligence and high level view of the data. We allow user to customize the dashboard as per their needs. Drill down feature allows to get insight of the summary. We understand the type of audience so we have different dashboard widgets for different type of users

Notifications and alerts

In order to make smart system our notification and alerts module provides highly configurable notification engine for any type of event configuration.

Messaging and Communication

Messaging provides a way of communication for customer to the right reviewer or staff which is related to the permitting request or any other e-service request. This is additional feature to video conference.

Task management and Delegation

Comprehensive task management, tracking and collaboration module helps to provide full automation of the process and guide the flow of the information through the process end-to-end. The cross-department collaboration between customer and project stakeholders give the solution another dimension of unified process.

Bulk Documents and Drawings stamping

EService Suite auto-stamping module has enterprise stamping and markup tools that can process thousands of files in quick time. The architecture of the stamping module is scalable so it can cater to any increase in demand of volume of documents to be stamped without compromising on processing time

Survey and polls

In-built survey and poll add to the functional capabilities of the system and allows getting the precious feedback of the customers with an easy to use user interface. Survey and polls management provides highly flexible and configurable options to create and manage surveys and polls.

Data Export

Export to excel feature allows filtering and exporting data appearing on the screen to excel format which can be used for other statistical or analysis purpose

Functional Modules

Building Permitting Module (BPM)

EService Suite’s building permit module fully automates and simplifies the processing of permit applications which includes creating and submitting permit applications, re-submitting applications, review and approvals, permit delivery and drawing stampings.

It’s not just a permit application; it’s a construction project management module where full life cycle of building construction is managed. It allows applying for permit, resubmitting, extending, renewing and canceling a permit.

Contractor/Consultant can apply for permits attach drawings and pay online. Also customers can interact with review committee and inspector via video conference and general messages.

Applications can be routed through the permit committee and other parties, plans can be reviewed and commented by multiple users. The easy to use checklist reduces the chance of errors/mistakes.

EService Suite permitting solution is a new age solution and it has revolutionized the way customers interact with local government bodies and make the community development more rapid.

Pre-Qualification Module (PQM)

One of the most critical aspects of any construction project is contractor and sub-contractor qualification process. Pre-Qualification Module automates the process of registering business license and managing the qualification of consultant, contractor and their staff. The module is fully integrated with user management in order to provide company the access to the EService Suite functions and module along with registration.

Our smart solution takes care of notifying company of any license expiry, also the effective renewal process without any paper work make the license issue and renewal process faster and efficient which in turn improves customer satisfaction.

Qualification e-services are highly configurable and have a robust workflow engine to design the processes as per your needs. On the fly updates on the process gives the flexibility to ever changing process without affecting the customer transactions.

Construction Supervision & Inspection (CSI)

Traditionally inspection software is perceived as a desktop based application on inspector devices with lot of screens and options to fill the inspection report. In a modern age and web based applications has revolutionized the way software are built. Our CSI module allows creating e-services for customers to request for inspection at different stages of the project. The inspector can schedule inspections and a comprehensive checklist allows recording the detailed visit report. The integrated GIS map allows planning and scheduling the site visit based on the location on map.

Code Enforcement Module (CEM)

Code enforcement module completely automates the process of opening cases, scheduling inspections, recording violations, and coordinating resolutions.

Inspectors can view and add property ownership information, inspection results, photos, notices and violations from their mobile field devices—thereby giving them more time to interact with citizens by spending less time in the office

The history and mapping features allow for a comprehensive view of every recorded event surrounding a property inspection up to the present, as well as the ability to sort and group violations by specific location

In addition, inspectors can even place live time alerts on a property or specific person(s) eliciting cause for concern, thereby ensuring other inspectors aren’t potentially placed in harm’s way when performing follow up visits

Trust EService Suite’s code enforcement solutions to comprehensively cover your staff and citizens, while leaving nothing to chance in the process.</>