Is It Time To move Away From Legacy eServices?

August 9, 2018 at 12:58 pm

Like everything else, government bodies have also undergone digital transformation. E-Transformation has taken shape of a catalyst in making the government more effective through better access to services and democratic process. The ultimate objective of the e-government portal is to be able to offer a complete range of public services to citizens in an efficient and budget-friendly manner.

While it is good to stay loyal to a product or service, loyalty in technological advancements may hold your organization back from prospering. The eservice technology is here to stay. It has just started revolutionizing the entire working of the government bodies and has a long way to go. The magic of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, transparency and online e-services can be witnessed in comparison to traditional systems. Therefore, endless number of government bodies are deploying such services because of its increased benefits.

Are you still struck with legacy eservices system? There are several outstanding reasons to replace a legacy system:

  • Cost of maintenance: Maintaining a system may eventually become more expensive than replacing the hardware and software
  • Lack of understanding: Maintaining and expanding systems can be difficult because there is a lack of understanding about how they are run.
  • Vulnerabilities: A lack of security patches within older systems may lead to vulnerabilities and this could put the system at risk of being compromised.
  • Integration: New systems may be difficult to integrate with older technologies as there may not be sufficient demand for the integration technology.
  • IT specialists retiring: IT workers are retiring and younger professionals are not training with bygone computer languages. This means that when these legacy professionals retire they can be impossible to.
  • Mobile growth on hold: Many legacy systems are not designed to deal with rapidly expanding mobile services; as well as being unable to offer the capabilities necessary to offer services on social networks and other platforms.
  • Apps: Failing to keep up with IT trends is a significant black mark for any business.

No one wants more “talk to Joe”: If you’ve been around a company with lots of legacy applications, there are often several with no documentation, where all the supporting staff have retired or left the company, save for “Joe.” Need an enhancement or have a question? You must “talk to Joe.” While this may provide job security for “Joe,” it’s a poor way to run a business. If your legacy knowledge is leaving or has already left the company, that’s a great reason to get rid of legacy applications.

When you should change your legacy services?

Before establishing whether you should change your legacy systems or not, there are many key questions to ask:

  • Is your current system still offering anything for your business?
  • You still have manual process outside the system?
  • How cost-effective is it to maintain these systems?
  • Is there still sufficient support available for these systems?
  • Is it possible to integrate the technology with system architecture?

How accurate and complete is the documentation for these legacy systems and does it affect responsiveness and the speed of implementation?

Why government entities are moving towards COTS Products?

Smart e-service solutions allow for greater government transparency because it fosters two-way communication. In Package-based solutions, ready-made commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) packages are used for implementing the target applications. The use of COTS based Eservice Automation provides supreme features such as


  • Robust, field tested software for Online EServices
  • Reinventing the wheel for the same application avoided
  • Easier migration to integrated solutions for E-Licensing
  • Best suited for enterprise-wide applications of Citizen Engagement
  • Incorporates best global processes for E-service automation
  • Acts as a change agent for business process reengineering and E-Permitting


E-services make transparency easy and allow easy decision-making by making information widespread.

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