Skyzon Customer/Supplier Portal

Customer Portal is a tool to provide easy access of your business services to your customers. It helps your customer to register, apply and track their service request, complaints/suggestions and correspondence. Below are the main modules of the portal


Customer Registration

Skyzon Customer Portal provides easy to use customer registration module, which allows seamless customer onboarding where customer can request for registration by filling a pre-defined form and submitting for your approval. It provides you with a dynamic process flow based on which registration request will go through approval process and then customer to be registered and will get login credentials to get access to allowed services of your organization

  • Customer can register as a company, individual or partner/agent
  • Seamless integration with existing company website/portal
  • Customer can use any smart device to register, fully responsive
  • Step wise guiding wizard based registration form
Customer/ Supplier Invoice Processing:

Invoice processing module let’s your customer/suppliers submit and track their invoices in an easy and intuitive manner through our client portal. It helps you

  • Build strong customer relationship
  • Increase customer engagement and retention
  • Save support cost and reduce effort
  • Enable IT Self Service
Service Request Module

Service request module is designed to flexibly meet the escalating needs for predictable end user support, providing expedited response to customer problems for increased productivity and improved end user satisfaction. It empowers your technicians with incident diagnostics and ticket routing features and collaborate with end user to resolve the issues

  • Ticket Automation
  • SLA status information and alerts
  • Customizable service request form/template
  • User feedback on resolution of request
  • User feedback on resolution of request
  • Smart dashboard to track performance in real-time, manage health of the team and identify trouble spots
Complaints, Suggestions & enquiries:

Skyzon Automation suite provide flexible and user friendly services for your customers to submit the complaints, suggestions or inquiries. Customer shall be able to track the status of their request and shall be promptly alerted on completion of their requests. Our comprehensive process automation allows to set business rule based on which customer requests can be processed by concerned employees

  • Smart dashboard for staff and management to track the customer request and monitor team performance
  • Easy to use and wizard based guided request forms for customers
  • Alerts and notifications at different levels of customer request processing
  • User feedback on resolution of request
  • Provision for customer to attach documents supporting their request
  • Smart dashboard to track performance in real-time, manage health of the team and identify trouble spots
Internal and External Correspondences

Skyzon Automation suite provides correspondence management solution to manage correspondences in timely, consistent and efficient manner. It provides comprehensive automation to help organizations save millions of dollars spent on managing customer or internal correspondence, while enhancing their service quality increasing customer satisfaction and improving productivity

  • Manage and archive all types of correspondence for legal and compliance obligations
  • Enhance employee performance and reduce time spent on processing and responding to incoming correspondences
  • Reduce costs of storage and efficiently manage correspondences within a unified repository
  • Achieve return on Investment within a year by optimizing content production, reducing paper usage and consolidating communications