SkyzonDesk is a cloud based solution that automates the Guest complaints and requests for hospitality industry businesses like hotel, hotel apartments, motels, resorts and hostels. It has wide range of modules and features to cover all aspects of serving your guest needs

Empower your guests and help your business growth

Allow guest to register their complaints or requests through the Guest Portal or by calling front-desk, which uses the intelligent workflow process to ensure the guest requirements gets attended quickly. Guests can be notified on the actions taken on their request also they can track their request in self-service portal

  • Build stronger guest relationships
  • Increase guest engagement and retention
  • Save support cost and reduce effort.
  • Enable IT self service


Guest Portal Module
  • Guest Complaints & request
  • Suggestions
  • Dashboard
Hotel Staff Module
  • Task Dashboard
  • Guest Complaints Processing
  • Task Dashboard
  • Guest Complaints Processing
  • Maintenance & Laundry Requests
  • Account/Relationship Management
  • Lead Management
  • Staff Expense Approval
  • Enquiry
  • Smart Reporting
Administrator Module
  • User and rights Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Task Management
  • Notification Managemente
  • Reports Management
  • And many mor

Key Features

A selection of guest portal features includes:

  • 100% On the cloud
  • Automated workflow
  • Escalation policies
  • Secure 24/7 self-service from desktop and mobile devices
  • Intelligent insights and analytics
  • On boarding of guests or partners
  • Ability to customize and add your own company branding
  • Easy to embed into company websites
  • Ability of easy data integration with primary systems e.g. SAP, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics other ERPs etc


One of the advantages of a guest web portal is that guests can contact a business out-of-hours when it best suits them. Common guest portal benefits include:

  • Improved visibility and access to real-time information 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Removal of costly, non-value adding data entry tasks
  • Improved guest experience
  • Enhanced visibility of transactional information
  • Scalable IT licensing options
  • Reduced internal email traffic to source information
  • Improved internal and guest communication
  • Increased guest satisfaction